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The OptionPlus Homes Rent-to-Own Advantage
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We don't charge seller fees or closing costs. Calculate Your Rent-to-Own Savings Instantly.
Find a dream tenant quickly at no cost. Calculate Your Rent-to-Own Savings Instantly.
Home Ownership is finally within your reach. View our Rent-to-Own Inventory now and learn more.

What are Rent-to-Own Homes?
Rent-to-Own (also called Lease-to-Own and Lease-Option) is like an extended escrow period during which time the buyer helps pay a portion of the seller's mortgage payments in exchange for being allowed to live in the home until the sale closes. They treat a rent-to-own home as if it's theirs, because some day it will be. The typical rent-to-own home buyer has stable income and rental payment history, but has some credit issues to work out or needs time to save up for a larger down payment.

Buyers: Are you ready to move into your dream home?
What are you doing today to prepare for the next real estate boom? If you are waiting for your credit to improve or waiting to save up for a down payment, we would like to offer you a plan that will put you in a great home as early as tomorrow, give you 1-2 years to improve your credit, and provide up to $15,000 or more towards your down payment. Our list of references is long and we would like to add you to our list of satisfied tenant/buyers.
Buyer Rent-to-Own Program

Sellers: Are you fed up with outrageous real estate transaction fees and commissions?
By using the OptionPlus Homes Rent-to-Own Home program, you can move your home quickly and avoid paying all selling costs. Sellers who use our program net more on the sale of their home than if they sold through a real estate agent. We are not real estate brokers or property managers. OptionPlus Homes will lease the home from you directly, so payments are automatically deducted from our corporate account. We then place a high caliber, pre-screened tenant/buyer in the property who will pay us. Landlords also choose the OptionPlus Homes Rent-to-Own program because it offers a high return on investment even though we do all the work without any fees. Seller Rent-to-Own Program

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rent to own houses"I loved working with OptionPlus because there is more to me than my low credit score, but nobody else could see past that."

rent to own homes

rent to own housesRent-to-Own Partners You Can Trust
Why not choose the Rent-to-Own Homes company with the highest Better Business Bureau customer satisfaction rating? Don't take a chance with your investment. The OptionPlus Homes Rent-to-Own program has placed hundreds of people in their dream home while they prepared for the purchase.

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